Dental tourism directory: Explanation about how this directory works for dental clinics and dental patients.

Connecting Patients, Dentists, and Dental Clinics!

Dental Tourism Directory Est. 2015 is a user-friendly web directory, with headquarters based in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is a unique online catalog of dental hospitals, clinics, and centers specialized in providing professional care to international patients.
The goal of the Dental Tourism Directory is to connect dental patients from around the world with international dental clinics.
Patients can use this website completely free of charge.
For patients, benefits of Dental Tourism Directory usage include:
• Quick access to professional dental treatments, maybe even faster than in their home country
• Affordable dental care, usually cheaper than in the home country
• Full discretion about the treatments
• A perfect combination of traveling for vacation and dental care.

Dental clinics can apply for a membership on 2015 Dental Tourism Directory. As a member, a clinic will have an online profile and a complete hospital presentation, as well as the opportunity to get in touch directly with patients interested in the treatments they offer. The interactive connection between dental tourism patients and international dental clinics is the main purpose of the membership.

If you are curious to know how a clinic presentation can look like, please take a glance at our Dental Tourism Sample Clinic. If you are interested in the membership, simply click on the SIGN UP button on the right-hand top of this page, and your clinic will be represented on this website soon.

Get the priority access to the best low-cost dental treatments around the world with 2015 Dental Tourism Directory!

How to Find Treatment for Your Dental Condition

Are you trying to find the best dental care abroad? Or maybe looking for a cosmetic dentistry treatment in countries other than your homeland? You have come to the right place!

The same search process goes for both cosmetic dentistry and dental care treatments. You can find the list of all dental treatments through the search function on this website.

Here are the key steps you need to follow on your dental tourism quest:

  • Get a diagnosis from a dentist in your home country
  • Use the search function of Dental Tourism Directory to find the dental specialty you need
  • Choose the specific treatment and the country where you would like to get it

Note: If you want to see a broader selection of clinics you can choose a continent, or you can choose not to opt for any destination at all. You will get proposals for available clinics around the world that offer your desired treatment.


How to Choose the Right Clinic

When you get your specified search results, you can click on the enlisted clinics. Go through the clinics’ profiles, learn about their dentists and the treatments they offer.

When you find the clinics you are interested in, you can CONTACT them directly by filling out the contact form. And you have one more option – to contact the clinic via the chat. That would be the fastest way to get in touch and find out everything that you need to know.

In a direct communication with clinics you can ask anything about their dentists and your desired treatments, as well as the included benefits and the aftercare process. Don’t forget to ask when can you make an appointment and what would be the TOTAL COST of the treatment.

When you get all the important information, you can compare the clinics and choose the best one for you and your family. You can also click on the FAVORITE button and save the preferred dental centers to find them easier later on.


What is a Dental Accreditation?

Learn more about Accredited Dental Centers and Dental Accreditations.


Plan Your Dental Tourism Trip

It is always a good idea to plan your travel up front. You can contact a travel agency in order to tailor the trip to fit your specific needs. Mind that you are going to need a medical visa for some countries if you are going there for a dental treatment. If that is the case, make sure to contact the country’s embassy or a consulate and ask about the details.


Dental Tourism Insurance

You can check with your insurance company if there are specific conditions to cover your dental travel. There are companies specialized in providing Dental Tourism insurance for dental tourism travels, and you can to find out more about them and see their offers.


Financing Your Treatment

You do not necessarily need to pay for your dental trip yourself. Depending on your country’s healthcare system, you can get the state funding for your dental treatment abroad, or it can be paid by your insurance company.


Dental Tourism Facilitators

If you prefer a professional help with planning your dental travel, you can contact a dental tourism facilitator or agency. These companies are specialized in helping patients get all the needed information and make complete arrangements for the treatment in another country.


What is My Country’s Standpoint about Dental Care Abroad?