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If you are looking for high-quality yet low-cost dental clinics around the globe, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Dental Tourism Directory!

Our aim is to help you find the best dental centers in the world and connect you with the most skillful dentists, dental hygienists, and dental technicians who can provide you with professional dental treatments.

As a subsection of medical tourism, dental tourism has been on the rise lately, especially in Europe, as well as in South America and South-East Asia. It refers to individuals seeking competitive and advanced dental care outside the healthcare system of their own country. Dental tourists are traveling primarily for dental treatments that would bring considerable cost savings to their budget, and their trips are usually followed by a vacation.

Dental holidays usually include travels from Western European countries to Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Popular dental tourism countries for the U.S. and Canada citizens are Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Peru, and Ecuador, while patients from Australia and New Zealand often find the best dental clinics in Thailand.

Which dental treatments do you need? What country would you visit for the professional low-cost dental care? Would you like to combine dental travels with your vacation?

Let the Dental Tourism Directory be your trusted partner in dental tourism traveling.

Please feel free to use the directory, browse through our search options differentiated by dental specialties, treatments, and countries, and find your favorite dental clinics around the world!

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